Our fees

The law firm ensures full respect of transparency of information with regard to the fees charged.

Our fees

The “past time”fee: The amount of the fees is fixed according to the time spent on the file and the hourly rate. If this formula is adopted, the lawyer of the law firm in charge of the file indicates to the Client the estimated number of hours necessary to process the file, and keeps at the disposal of the Client a detailed statement of time spent on the case.

The “fixed price” fee: This formula is used in the event when there is little uncertainty regarding the progress of the procedure. The law firm therefore agrees with the Client a lump sum for the entire processing of the file.

The “performance” fee: When the Client and the lawyer of the law firm have expressly provided for it in the fee agreement, additional remuneration based on obtaining a specific result for the Client  can be added to a “minimum” fee, which is based on a fixed rate or a quota of hours. The performance fee cannot, however, be the only method of remuneration.

Monthly fee: when the Client is requesting legal assistance from the law firm on a regular basis.

Article L. 723-3 of the Social Security Code provides that each pleaded hearing is subject to taxation. In 2020, the pleading fee is 13 euros. This sum is independent of the diligence fees and must be paid by the Client.

The law firm accepts in certain circumstances to defend a Client under full or partial legal aid.

The request is made via the Cerfa form n ° 15626 * 01 (access the link by clicking on it) to be filled, with the attached necessary documents, and submitted to the Legal Aid Office of the Court responsible for the case.

The Clients are encouraged to check whether they may be in position of a legal protection contract which can be included in their insurance policy (home, vehicle, banking cards, etc.).

This legal protection system allows the insurer to pay part of the fees owed by the Client, according to the scale indicated in the insurance conditions. Any excess portion of fees remains the Client’s liability.

It is the Client’s responsibility to check whether they have a legal protection contract attached to their insurance policies (home, vehicle, bank, complementary health insurance, etc.), and to have the information readily available at the first appointment.

Legal protection insurance cannot impose on its policyholders any particular lawyer, the choice of the legal services provider lies with the policyholder.

The law firm accepts payment by:

-In cash (within the limits of the current legislative standards)


Payments in several installments are possible within the framework of a schedule agreed between the Client and the law firm.